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Healthy crops and better production begin with an application of Genisys, add to nutritionals or herbicides for great performance.  A new breed of surfactants called nano mobilizer surfactants that work just like traditional surfactants but have much more beneficial effects on yields and production from AMP Surfactants LLC. Safe for the soil, our product is derived from food grade materials that are already approved for insect control like horticultural oil.  Faster growing, healthier, cleaner leaves more thorough and more vigorous crops.  An exceptional choice for all of your farming and agricultural needs, Genisys is designed to carry more nutrition or herbicides into the plant or crop, resulting in higher crop yields with less waste.  From southeast peanuts or progresive hemp contact us today to find out how crops can benefit from Genisys.

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AMP Surfactants LLC manufactures Genisys, an organic plant spray and nutrient carrier for turf and all plant types. Our food-grade natural plant spray is designed to mix with nutritionals or herbicides for fast, clean growth. This organic, colloidal surfactant is excellent for agricultural, pasture, citrus, lawn, hemp, cannibus and golf course turf.  A plant enhancer, nutrient carrier and leaf cleanser.

AMP Surfactants LLC founder and owner, Jim Shellenback, has more than 20 years of industry experience and spent the last 15 years developing this revolutionary new surfactant. Jim is pleased that our product is the only one on the market that does not add toxins to crops. It's perfect for farmers, greenhouse and golf course operators, landscapers, and cannabis growers. Contact us today to learn more.

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