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Genisys Mobility Genysis Mobility offers very low drift characteristics. We prefer that our product is added to tank water first as it will reduce the surface tension of the water in the tank by as much as 50%. This low surface tension makes water much wetter and will enable a very low volume of water to carry herbicides, fungicides or nutrition on to the leaf. At the point of contact, the spray solution will maintain very powerful characteristics as the conductivity of the spray solution is greatly enhanced. Our colloidal surfactant is able to transport the spray solutions into the plant and enhance the effectiveness of the liquid. When several passes may be necessary to kill weeds with a traditional less expensive surfactant. Many times our surfactants work so well that only 1 pass is necessary to do the job.

Genysis Mobility is an excellent transporter of herbicides, fungicides, nutritional, antibiotics for citrus such as Fireline and Firewall, chelated micronutrients and many other crop inputs. Our product will move these inputs with very low volumes of water and with great performance.

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